Student Affairs Committee

2012 - How and why to avoid being labeled a "Shark Scientist"

As members of the American Elasmobranch Society, we clearly share interests in sharks and rays. As graduate students studying these animals, that interest often becomes all-consuming with the potential outcome that we are pigeon-holed as ‘shark scientists’. In today’s tough economy and increasingly competitive job markets, being labeled as a researcher with very narrow taxonomic interests could not only impede our ability to attract funding, but may inadvertently affect our employment potential if we are not viewed as being ‘well-rounded’ biologists. Given that most of us have embarked on elasmobranch-related graduate work, how do we now avoid the aforementioned pitfalls? What steps can we take now to ensure that our current interests do not hinder our broader career goals? This workshop will be a forum for gaining insights from established researchers on why being labelled a ‘shark scientist’ can be disadvantageous and how we can avoid it. Panelists TBA.


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